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Canadian Medical Alliance for the Preservation of the Lower Extremity



We are looking for multidisciplinary individuals in the health care world who are interested in wounds to join us!

Our goals are: 


1) To promote education on wounds for the public.  For example, we aim to expand this website and promote its use to any and all neuropathic patients in Canada.  If there are suggestions you have for this website, pages you'd like to write, photographs you'd like to submit, we'd appreciate your assistance. 


2) To promote excellence in care for all patients by providing education for practitioners.  This could mean creating, partnering and participating in seminars and other educational endeavours for Canadian wound care practitioners. 

3) To advocate for better wound care coverage by the provincial and federal governments of Canada.  There is no reason for the government not to cover the very techniques most likely to help heal a wound, such as techniques to remove pressure from a wound to get the wound to heal.  There is no reason for the government not to cover long-term offloading techniques that prevent the wound from returning.  There is no reason for the government not to cover the services of podiatric wound specialists.   

Members of the public are welcome to join as associate members as well. 

Perhaps you'd like to speak with your Member of Parliament, write a 
new story, provide some publicity, or otherwise assist in working towards
good wound care.  

The more we work together, the more we can accomplish.

If you're interested in joining, write us at




"Alone we can do so little;

  together we can do so much

                         -- Helen Keller

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This page written by Dr. S A Schumacher
Podiatric Surgeon
Surrey, British Columbia  Canada

All clinical photographs owned and provided
by Dr. S A Schumacher.  They may be reproduced
for educational purposes with attribution to: 
Dr. S A Schumacher, Surrey, BC Canada

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