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Canadian Medical Alliance for the Preservation of the Lower Extremity

Warnings Regarding Our Images Appearing On This Website



The purpose of this website is to educate patients who too often do not get accurate information on their condition, to educate medical personnel that may not see or treat wounds on a regular basis, and to inform government officials in charge of creating health care policies and discharging resources towards solutions that are most likely to help patients with ulcers.  

To convey this message, we have included a very large number of graphic, clinical images on this website.  Some people may find them uncomfortable, even distressing to look at. 

However, ulcerations are very serious business.  They put patients at risk for infection, amputation and early death. 


It is not useful to make the reader feel better by downplaying the problem.  What is useful is to face our issues honestly, and to offer accurate information and effective solutions.  

Unless otherwise noted, the majority of clinical images are the property of Dr. S A Schumacher or other wound specialists. Some images were purchased through a stock photo service, or rights have been granted to be used for this site.  A few are believed to be in the public domain.  If there are any questions of images used on this site, you may contact us.


We're all about educating patients.  As such, clinical images that are the property of Dr. S A Schumacher may be used for educational purposes only, with credit given to Dr. Schumacher, Surrey, BC and a link back to this website,  Photos that are credited to other sources should not be used without authorization from the owner of the image.

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This page written by Dr. S A Schumacher
Podiatric Surgeon, Surrey, BC  Canada

All clinical photographs are owned and provided
by Dr. S A Schumacher.  They may be reproduced
for educational purposes with attribution to: 
Dr. S A Schumacher, Surrey, BC Canada and a link
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